Workshop at transition extreme, aberdeen

Arts Development have been working with two youth groups from Tillydrone and Seaton over several months on the subject of Urban Art, frstly in order to engage the groups into creative activity, secondly to educate the groups about the difference between art and vandalism, and thirdly to encourage the groups to work creatively as a means to express themselves in a productive manner.
These arts classes culminate now in a 2 day Urban Art workshop under the guidance of Marc Delaye, Graffiti Artist and Arts Educator . Marc Delaye, Arts Development, youth workers and the youth groups from Tillydrone and Seaton will collaboratively create a large Urban Art mural at Transition Extreme’s legal Graffiti Wall.
Marc will also give a staff training on the subject to arts tutors and youth workers, so that they can continue to work with the groups in this art form.