Graffiti workshops, Tiree & Coll

On Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd of July twenty young people attended a Graffitti workshop in the Rural Centre. The young people used paints on canvases to create fantastic images which they then got to take home with them! The young people were so enthusiastic and well behaved during the workshops. A huge thank you to Marc who travelled all the way from Inverness to lead the workshop and to the windfall fund who paid for the Tiree Young people to do it. We are also going over to Coll to run the workshop with the young people there.

Here are some comments from the young people about what they thought of the workshops!

“It was awesome!” Jenna

“I had a brilliant time. So fun” Kirsteen

“I had an awesome time and tried lots of new things” Maya

“I really enjoyed doing the Graffitti and made loads of new friends!” Hannah

“This was amazing! Was amazing to take part in such a new experience on Tiree!” Beatrice

“It was really fun and interesting. The whole experience was magnificent and feel like I’m walking away with tonnes of different skills!” Eirin

“It was good!!” Darren

Photos of the workshop in Tiree


Photos of the workshop in Coll

Many thanks to Sophie from the  Tiree trust for organising the event