Banner workshop, SHMU TV , Aberdeen

shmu_tv_aberdeenGraffiti workshop banner with  the Tillydrone youth club kids , Aberdeen

Creative Communities is Arts Development, Aberdeen City Council’s programme of art projects/events/workshops in the cities regeneration areas and is funded by the Fairer Scotland Fund.  From October 2012 to April 2013 there will be a host of imaginative and inspiring creative opportunities for residents of all ages from the cities 7 regeneration areas;

The projects are for residents of all ages from the cities Regeneration areas, and the programme offers opportunities to be involved in many different art forms.  While you may find it most convenient to attend workshops/events in your area we encourage and welcome cross over between areas and all sessions can be attended by residents from other regeneration areas.

Projects will happen in: Tillydrone, Northfield & CummingsPark, Torry, Woodside, Middlefield, Seaton

Creative Communities’ goes digitalAlong side the programme of workshops, the creative communities’ project will have an online presence, keeping you up to date with latest developments, offering inspiration and assigning online arts projects for you to get involved with.

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For further information please contact Margaret Stewart, Community Arts Officer on 01224 814740 or