Distant relatives

We’re all distant relatives, no matter where you from, where you live
How near or far
Africa, China, Japan, Afghanistan, Israel
We’re all fam, we’re all distant relatives
So that’s why we came together — one of the reasons
Why myself and Damian came together
Cause we all come from one place, and that’s Africa
That’s right, you too. And you
The whole world!
We’re all family, we’re just spread out all over the place
So to all my distant relatives, let’s take it back home!

Distant Relatives is a collaborative studio album by American rapper Nas and Jamaican reggae artist Damian Marley, released May 18, 2010, on Universal Republic and Def Jam Recordings. Production for the album took place during 2008 to 2010 and was handled primarily by Damian Marley and Stephen Marley. Fusing musical elements of hip hop and reggae, Distant Relatives features lyrical themes concerning ancestry, poverty, and the plight of Africa.