Molotow premium vs Montana gold, which one is the best?

As a mural painter I go through a lot of paint, there are a lot of factors to take into acount when I choose a good spraycan.

Both Molotow and German montana are leading brands on the spraycan market, but which one is the best between Molotow premium and Montana gold?

To decide we will be looking at design, price, climate, opacity, smell, dry, pressure, colours and caps.



I don’t like the plastic ring on the Molotow premium, it breaks very often during the transport and it’s a nightmare to know which colour it is, I usualy end up spraying my glove and leave a mark, it’s confusing especially when there are many close colour combinations.

Montana gold has a great design with a non removable colour, it’s easy to identify the colour with the large number.



Montana gold are expensive just now 2022, they are around £5.25 with no reduction on the number, when Molotow premium can be purchased for £3.75 if yo buy 50+.

Molotow premium is £1.50 cheaper, it’s a huge difference in price



Montana gold doesn’t perform very well in cold and damp environment, below 5 degree celsius or when humidity level above 80%, a glaze effect would appear, especially on darker colours.

When the temperature go up Montana gold get very high pressure and it is difficult to get small details.

In my experience Molotow premium adapts better in both hot and cold environment.



Molotow premium doesn’t cover as well as Montana gold, it becomes obvious when painting solid blocks, especially on vehicles. Montana gold has better opacity.



Through the years I have developed a very low resistance to paint fumes, I find Montana gold much stronger.



Molotow premium takes a while to dry and dries much darker, when Montana gold has an almost instant dry out properties.



In a temperate environment with the right caps, both cans would give great can control.



Molotow premium has an impressive colour range, they are fun to use and experiment with, they also offer very natural colours, green and brown tones are amazing.

Some colour range from Molotow premium from like greys can be confusing and I prefer the simplicity of Montana gold grey range, neutral and warm greys.



I use 3 types of caps, Molotow premium grey dots, Montana gold level one and nyc fat cap as a fill cap.

Montana gold with level one cap is the best combo for outlining and clean work with solid edge, it works ok with Molotow premium but the line is more fuzzy.

I use Molotow premium with grey dots cap, for very thin lines, once half blocked you can get spitting lines, like a stencil cap without the mess. It’s a great soft edge nozzle.

nyc fat cap works great with both cans, I use it as a fill cap, it gives good can control without too much vapours.



Both spraycans have strong and weak points. I use them both but I tend to get more Molotow premium these days, first they are more affordable then the colour range offers more natural options for the landscape murals.