Princess walk Aberdeen

Project Info

Client White space
Skills Art workshop tutor

Project Description

The Yellow Park project is to recreate a vision of the River Don with secondary school pupils from nearby Dyce Academy, specifically S1, S2 , those who live in proximity and those undertaking Higher art. Using the existing floor surface which is in a good condition, the Whitespace team are to work in partnership with the students to paint a flowing river on the ground surface, complemented by those animals typically living along the river bank.
Aberdeen Whitespace (Arts Development team) have recently completed an outdoor art project at Northfield Academy and will be bringing those new skills into this project. The paint medium to be used is modern and long lasting, designed for this purpose. The intention is to work with local young people to instil a sense of ownership and appreciation, thereby reducing the risk of anti social behaviour. An external artist, Marc Delaye, has been commissioned to work with the young people and install their designs professionally.

Check out the video here