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What we do

Interior & Exterior Murals

Murals are as alive now as ever before and an excellent way to introduce art to internal and external spaces, giving individuals and communities something that they can be proud of and enjoy each and every day. They can be privately commissioned for homes, businesses, restaurants, clubs and regeneration projects alike, and they’re also an ideal means of advertising products, services, messages and campaigns.Simply send a photo of the wall so that we can visualise the composition and how to make it fill the space to maximum effect. Designs will then be created using Photoshop, allowing changes to be made so that the end result perfectly suits your needs. Once the final design has been agreed, the mural is painted freehand using aerosol paints.

Logo Design

Whether it’s for a business, club, community centre, band, social group or an individual identity, Fresh Paint can create a logo that perfectly reflects your style. The appearance, form, emotion, colours and font can each be specified, or Fresh Paint can take inspiration from a general description and use initiative and flair to produce something striking and expressive.To start off, simply supply any text you would like included (if applicable), any preferences of colours and font, and brief details of your industry or the logo’s function, e.g. a theatre, a restaurant, a freelance consultant specialising in the local music scene.

The logo is then designed and a draft sent via email as a vector file, with unlimited revisions available over the course of one week. Once finalised, you’ll receive the file in the desired formats, such as PNG, JPG, AI and/or EPS.

A logo is usually the first thing a customer, visitor, fan or potential client will see and can be used across a variety of channels, so together we’ll make it stand out from the crowd!

Custom Canvas Painting

This is a truly adaptable service, as a custom canvas painting can cover any subject, style and function.

Many people choose a graffiti canvas displaying their name or an eye-catching sign for their business, and abstract designs, portraits and even realistic fruit and veg kitchen art are also extremely popular. But the list doesn’t end there! If there’s something you want to hang in your home or use as a conversation starter in your professional premises, simply get in touch and together we’ll work out the perfect solution.

There are also different mediums to choose from, so you can decide whether aerosol paint, emulsion paint or acrylic markers will work best for your canvas. Or perhaps you’re running an event or campaign, in which case we can produce a painted fabric banner to turn eyes toward your activity.

Delivery is available by post. Alternatively, the canvas can be delivered in person to homes and businesses within the North of Scotland

Graffiti Workshops

Fresh Paint’s graffiti workshops are a fantastic way to encourage kids and young adults to unleash their imagination. Different types are available to suit your requirements, but inspiration, pointers, freedom, safety and fun always come as standard.

Indoor workshop options:

* Graffiti name using felt tips on paper. Up to 20 kids aged 8 and over. Duration: 2-3 hours.
* Individual canvas painting using emulsion paint, brushes and marker pens. Up to 13 kids aged 8 and over. Duration: 6-12 hours.
* Collective mural using emulsion paint, brushes and marker pens. Up to 20 kids aged 8 and over. Duration: 12-30 hours.

Outdoor workshop options:

* Collective mural using aerosol paint (spray cans). Up to 13 kids aged 12 and over. Duration: 6-30 hours.
* Individual board painting using aerosol paint (spray cans). Up to 13 kids aged 12 and over. Duration: 3-6 hours.