Graffiti art is a powerful medium that can be used to unleash creative expression, energise environments, galvanise the viewer and unite communities. It’s also an excellent commercial tool, breathing life into an organisation’s surroundings in a distinctive and engaging way.

Fresh Paint uses the aerosol to create everything from the aesthetic to the awesome. Art worker Marc Delaye, originally from France, has lived in Scotland since 2000 and offers his services across the country. From learning fluent English while working in a pub, to gaining invaluable human experience as a result of his work with countless individuals over the years, being inspired by others is essential to the delivery of his skills.
Ranging from commercial murals to private commissions, Fresh Paint has provided customised pieces for community centres, skateparks, children’s bedrooms, small businesses, Eden Court Theatre and even Nando’s in Dundee. Each undertaking holds uniqueness and detail at its core, resulting in a striking product that communicates the desired style, message and feeling as specified by the independent customer.
Fresh Paint’s mural program uses spaces donated by property owners, similar to how graffiti art is commissioned by galleries. These blank canvases are then transformed using expert arrangements of colour, shape and emotion to produce truly eye-catching and absorbing displays of modern art that everyone can enjoy.