Once upon a time fresh paint workshop

“You run a lot of youth graffiti workshops, what made you decide to do this and what kind of people usually attend these workshops?
In 95 i got into an Art school in France, i didn’t last long there after 3 months i give up, don’t get on with the teachers and thats when the workshops started , in 2000 i travelled in scotland and end up stayin, first workshops in english(stencil on t shirt), that was hectic had to get somebody to translate, the kids didnt have a clue what i was talking about, and then starts the “long break”, i couldn’t teach coz couldn’t talk, did a few flyers for hiphop partys not much …till couple of years ago . It’s more a social job now, i’m getting a lot of kids excluded from schools, homeless young adults, trouble maker, usually if a community center is planning a day out you can be sure am getting all the kids that nobody wants as a substitute activity..i enjoy it , its good to see them understanding the process, handystyle, letter structure, effects, outline, 3d, background..

Has anyone that has attended any of your workshops gone on to bigger and better things?
Now and then im getting teenagers who r planning to go to artschool, and they are attending the workshop to fill up their portofolio, i don’t stay in touch with them.

How have you found the experience of running the workshops and is it something you would recomend other artists to get involved in?
I think it s a good way to pay for the paint , the only thing is to be carefull not to let the commissions eat you
and still do ur own stuff next to it, think forward , don’t involve too many kids, always keep in mind the level expected.”

Extract from the interview done with Jon from canned goods in 2008